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Degree Programs

JGU offers a top-level undergraduate and graduate education, including an international MSc degree and a Fast Track PhD. JGU ranks among the top 5 Physics programs in Germany. Our teaching philosophy stresses early research independence on all levels. The global network of partner universities opens up international career paths.

Inspiring Transitions -
Without Borders

JGU's research-oriented teaching philosophy stresses early research independence. Specialty lectures and advanced courses allow you to pursue your personal research interests. We facilitate transitions without borders between different degree levels by offering flexible course options and individual mentoring by leading scientists.


Bachelor of Science Physics

The Bachelor is your entry point to exploring the laws of nature and the origin of the Universe on the highest level of academic excellence. The six-semester Bachelor offers you a comprehensive physics education while at the same time fostering early specialization and research experience.

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Bachelor of Science Meteorology

The BSc program at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics imparts the essential basics of mathematics and physics. Students complete a comprehensive education program in theoretical and experimental meteorology, expanded by additional courses in a related subject.

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Bachelor of Education Physics

You want to teach students the laws of the universe and explore the world of physics with them? Your Bachelor of Education lays the groundwork for your future teaching career. You become a researcher and teacher in six semesters.

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The MSc at JGU is a two-year international graduate degree, completely taught in English. The MEd is taught in English and German. The first two semesters focus on deepening your knowledge of theoretical and experimental physics gained in the BSc. The third and fourth semesters stress practical research experience and methods training for writing your final thesis. You can join one out of more than 50 research groups and participate in large-scale experiments conducted by the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence, the MAINZ Graduate School, the Helmholtz Institute, or the Max Planck Institute – all located on the JGU campus. JGU's global partner network opens up exciting opportunities for stays abroad.

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Individual PhD

Whether you want to start a career in science or industry, a PhD from JGU opens many doors. The individual PhD is done under the supervision of one JGU professor. It consists of a research project as the basis of your dissertation and an oral exam. There is no mandatory course work to complete. Teaching opportunities are available. Usually, individual PhDs take between three to four years, depending on your particular research field and topic.

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Structured PhD

The structured PhD links individual research with a comprehensive training program including scientific courses and soft skills. At JGU, the structured PhD is offered by the MAINZ Graduate School of Materials Science in collaboration with on-site research centers such as the Max Planck Graduate Center and the Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research. The average duration of a structured PhD is three years.

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Fast Track PhD

If you already know that physics is your passion, the Fast Track PhD is the right degree for you. As an excellent BSc graduate, you can jumpstart your research career by directly moving on to the PhD level. During the first two semesters, you complete advanced courses while already starting your own research project. The Fast Track can be completed in collaboration with all participating research institutions on campus, including the PRISMA Cluster of Excellence.

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